About Us

Transformation & Wellness Center


PDI´s Transformation & Wellness Center applies a mind-body philosophy for sustainable healing to occur.
Our Approach combines modern and conventional medicine.

Our Company

Who are we?

We are a company who is committed to meet the highest standards of performance to provide personalized service packages that include: transportation, lodging, medical care and continuity all with the quality and safety you deserve.
Working with national and internationally renowned physicians and creating a strong relationship with international companies we pride ourselves in selecting options for you with supreme quality care.
With state-of-the art quantum code technology and programs we are committed to help improve our patients’ health and safety.

About PDI Companies

PDI is recognized as a leader in international investments. We utilize a diversified portfolio of assets, including non-correlated alternative investments and strategic real estate investments to minimize investor risk.

Our Company Key Strategies

  • Maintain the highest quality management systems
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Continuously improve
  • Promote a culture of excellence

About PDI Club

The PDI Club brings people and companies together to grow and network their services with a broad diversity of skills and expertise to help our members enhance their dreams.
By becoming a member of our network you will enjoy 100´s of monthly specials and discounts in a variety of business such as (medical, restaurants, laboratory and pharmacy, accommodations, activities, shopping, services, media, etc).



Transformation & Wellness’ Doctors and Surgeons are highly specialized in their field, have top qualifications, and have USA and/or European training.
They are also Board Certified and have National and International accreditations.

Alondra Zermeño

Alondra Zermeño Licensed Nutritionist I am passionate about nutrition and I love what I do, I am thankful to have the opportunity to help people be happy leading ...

Manuel Murillo

Manuel Murillo Nutritionist With more than 28 years of experience as a nutritionist offers his services of advice and coaching oriented mainly to the nutritional and emotional area. ...

Dr. Héctor Romero Talamas

Dr. Héctor Romero Talamas Endocrine Surgeon An active researcher with a special interest in the area of experimental surgery, focused mainly on the distinct aspects of obesity and ...

Dr. Leticia Quezada

Dr. Leticia Quezada Obstetrics and gynecology specialist Dr. Quezada is a graduate of the Universidad de Guadalajara Medical School, specialized in gynecology and obstetrics at the Hospital General ...